Question...how can something 44 years old be considered new?

Answer...Sometimes fate just smiles down upon you…and something that was considered long lost is found.

Our unlikely tale starts in the Fall of 1976 when our band “Apocalypse” (Mike, Gail, Scott and Me) recorded a demo tape in a basement studio in Elmhurst, IL, and then barely within a few months, split up when it was time for Scott and I to go away to college…and all was forgotten.

Fast-forward 44 years later - while rummaging through an old box of sheet music that had somehow survived 10 residential moves with me - I found a dusty old 8-Track tape stuck under the bottom flap of the box.

What you’ll hear on this CD is simply an attempt to digitally preserve the songs we found on that old hissy, warbly and distorted 8-Track tape…so wrong to release on so many levels compared to today’s technology, but so rightly and proudly preserved enough to hear and enjoy what we were doing back then, nonetheless.

So if you ever wondered about what influenced Mike’s ‘Waiting For Autumn’ album (1982) and his work on the HALO (2000’s) and Destiny (2010’s +) Video Game franchises, enjoy a deep dive into these early compositions.

And, if you listen even harder, you may also notice the influences that informed the portfolio of guitar compositions (1995 +) that I have recorded and released.

We hope you enjoy a little walk down our musical memory lane with us!

Tracks Featured on Lost and Found:

01 - The Spirit 6:46

02 - Only the Children Know 7:31

03 - The Castle 7:36

04 - All the People 12:18

05 - Le Clochard 2:23 – features Dan Bundy on Keyboards

06 - Some of Yesterday 6:53

07 - Waiting for Autumn (Original Demo) 4:53

*7.99 CD ONLY. Proceeds from CD Sales will benefit the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

– Tom Salvatori, July 2020

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