Parlour Favorites 2016 (c) Salvatori Productions, Inc.

Tom Salvatori

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Solo Nylon String Guitar album featuring compositions by Jan Akkerman, Robert Fripp, Steve Hackett, Steve Howe and Tom Salvatori. Quietly enjoy!


Summer Suitino in G major 5:44

  • Optimistic Thoughts
  • On the Boulevard of Hopes and Dreams
  • What’s Left is Threadbare

What is Said is Done Now 2:51

Low Tide 3:05

Wandering 3:49

Native Land 2:34

Looking Back 4:31

Le Clechard - Jan Akkerman 2:20

Peace, A Theme – Robert Fripp 1:52

Horizons – Steve Hackett 2:02

Hands of the Priestess – Steve Hackett 4:32

The Ancient / Mood for a Day – Steve Howe 6:37

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