Jimmy Ryan

Chicago-based Electric Guitar legend

We are pleased to announce the signing of Jimmy Ryan, legendary Chicago-based Blues/Rock guitarist, to the growing artist roster at Salvatori Productions. 

Known for a focus on harmony lead guitar work with brother Johnny, Jimmy has a rich history of recording and performing original Blues/Rock (along with some really great covers…) across Chicagoland and the Midwest with their band, The Flyin’ Ryan Brothers, as well as his solo releases, over the years.

With our signing, we have captured the quieter side of Jimmy’s composing and playing skills by announcing the release of his all-instrumental “The Healing Guitar” album, which features a more contemplative side of Jimmy, along with long-time band mate and percussionist Dan Van Schindel, in the studio. 

And, while we were at it, we also showcase Jimmy’s new works smack dab in the middle of nature by creating a 28-minute ‘Healing Guitar in Nature Suite’ certain to help you get the knots out of your rope…which is slang for meditative and soul soothing.

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Click here to listen and purchase the album.

To learn more about Jimmy and his legacy Blues/Rock/Harmony Lead guitar body of work, please enjoy a visit to his artist website: ryanetics.com


John Catchings

String Arranger and 'Cello, Nashville, TN USA

John has contributed string arrangements and has played the cello on dozens Tom Salvatori and Iris Litchfield tracks. A fixture in the Nashville Music scene, over the years John has organized arrangements and has introduced us to the best string quartet players available for our Nashville-based recording sessions.   


Prog Rock Band 1976-1977, Chicago IL

Band Line up:

Michael Salvatori - Acoustic and Electric Guitars, Lead Vocals, Recorder, Band Leader and Composer

Gail Salvatori - Keyboards, Violin, Recorder and Backing Vocals

Tom Salvatori - Bass, 2nd Electric Guitar, Classical Guitar, Bass Pedals, Recorder

Scott Magnesen - Drums and Percussion

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