That's Everything 2020 (C) Salvatori Productions, Inc.

Paul Christian

Well, here it is…Paul Christian’s second album!

…you have your whole life to create the songs that will be featured on your debut release, and then only a year or so to write the new material for your follow-up.

The paradigm shift that occurs for the artist is exactly that…a shift from the unpressured artistic creation of the songs that make up your first album; sometimes poured over for several years of refinement and reflection…to now actually becoming a songwriter.

There is good news to report. Paul has come back to the table with a new notebook chock full of his very own heartfelt slice-of-life Americana/Folk/Country/Rock songs. His new works reveal a steady, authoritative hand on the steering wheel - consistent and confident in his songwriting prowess in a throw down of compelling storytelling, melodies and chorus hooks that are solid as a rock, instantly memorable and timeless.

Some new ground has also been broken as well…there’s a bit of a nod to ‘They Might be Giants’ in a song called “Bicycle Messenger”…and the hauntingly expansive undercurrent in a song called “The Boy” pushes the envelope even further than “Angel of Flies” from American Dream. In addition, there are two very personally introspective and intimate songs that are quite touching, first “The Best Day of my Life” and then “My Little One” – both of which will melt your heart…if you’ve ever found peace after the loss of a parent or have been lucky enough to raise a daughter, respectively.

Salvatori Productions is pleased to join you as fans of Paul Christian’s songwriting journey. We are happy to continue to represent his work and to offer you the opportunity to enjoy his extraordinary songwriting talent.

We are certain that you will be thrilled to weave his new album into the fabric of your life.

  • Tom Salvatori, Release Day, November 19, 2020
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American Dream 2018 (c) Salvatori Productions, Inc

Paul Christian

A Debut Record Album You Will Love for The Rest of Your Life! Acoustic Rock, Contemporary Country Rock, Americana, Roots, Heartland, Beatle-esque Rock'n'Roll Genre Leanings - It's all Good...Nobody is Writing Music like This Anymore!

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