On the Quiet Side of the Guitar 2012 (c) Salvatori Productions, Inc.

Tom Salvatori

Although it has taken me years to do so, I've come to really enjoy performing my solo instrumental guitar show entitled "On the Quiet Side of the Guitar." Being able to share my work with a live audience has produced unexpected rewards for me as a composer..which can't be achieved alone in a recording studio. I've learned that the dialogue of performer to machine just doesn't compare to the dialogue achieved in live performance.

This CD represents a collection of the pieces I like to perform during my live solo guitar shows. The 14 pieces are presented here as I originally composed them - simply...just me and my nylon string guitar (and, as I like to say...) unencumbered by elaboration, unadorned by ornamentation. Quietly Enjoy! - Tom Salvatori, April, 2012

Solo Guitar Track Listing:

As the Nightshade Grows 3:00 (from Ever Ever On)

Escher’s Lullaby 2:54 (from Ever Ever On)

Whirlpool Song 3:10 (from Ever Ever On)

Dissonanza 1:48 (from Tu sei bella Aci Catena)

Bells Prelude 2:24 (from Whispering for Your Attention)

Church Song 2:57 (from When Evening Falls)

Sleepy Eyes Lullaby 3:41 (from When Evening Falls)

Labyrinth II 2:09 (from When Evening Falls)

Guitar Lament 3:18 (from When Evening Falls)

Tucker’s Lullaby 2:33 (from Late Night Guitar)

Soft Landing 2:20 (from Late Night Guitar)

Feather Fall 2:40 (from Late Night Guitar)

Rolling Along 2:21 (from Late Night Guitar)

Closing the Door 2:30 (from Invoking the Veiled Reference)

1997- 2010 (c) (p) Salvatori Productions, Inc., ASCAP

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