Late Night Guitar 2001 (c) Salvatori Productions, Inc.

Tom Salvatori

Beautiful, timeless all-original, all-instrumental guitar based lullaby oriented CD featuring flute, oboe, cello and piano accompaniment from prominent arrangers in the community, Nashville, and Chicago. Quiet and relaxing. Warm, lush melodies.


Tucker's Lullaby 2:32

Easy Pieces 2:49

Another Lullaby 3:03

One String Melody 2:23

Soft Landing 3:02

Lost Time in Kauai 3:23

Michelle's Lullaby 1:57

Sun Porch on Sunday 2:07

Second String Melody 2:04

Feather Fall 2:40

Rolling Along 2:21

Further Downhill 3:14

Sweetest Lullaby/Closing the Door 6:54

ARTIST'S NOTES on LATE NIGHT GUITAR (excerpt from the Liner Notes):

The highest honor ever bestowed upon me as a musician had nothing to do with the footlights at Carnegie Hall, celebrity status or glowing reviews in the papers. It came quietly, almost unnoticeably, from a darkened room across the hallway one night. It was from the little voice of a child. . ."Dad, can you come in here and play your guitar?"

Begrudgingly, and almost heeding the "you'll only keep him up" advice from my wife, I walked across the hall, sat on the edge of the bed and played some of my quieter compositions. After wiggling a little foot and getting no response, I left the room.

I didn't understand it right away, but after countless nights of serenading my little ones to sleep, I realized that I had received the ultimate gift of validation for my music...a child's approval!

RECENT REVIEWS of Late Night Guitar:

"If it catches you at the right time, I guarantee you'll have a moment(s) where a tear will well, without you being able to do anything about it." Tim Panting, Reviews Editor, Classical Guitar Magazine (UK)

"Salvatori's music has been a darling among children's music critics...although 'Late Night Guitar' also appeals to grown-ups. His sense of musicianship is very high..." Chicago Tribune

"Effortlessly breezes past age'd be hard pressed to find a more comforting and melodic acoustic fingerstyle guitar album." 20th Century Guitar Magazine

"Refreshingly unpretentious...particularly pleasing...gentle guitar lines. [Late Night Guitar is] a quality mainstream release to be welcomed by its target audience." Classical Guitar Magazine (UK)

"I loved your stuff, very soulful and relaxing. The world needs more music like yours. Sonically top notch, full and warm...well done." Brian Wittmer, Director, A&R, Universal Music Group

"Tom...Your music has become a staple of my show. Beautifully crafted music that grows deeper and more tuneful with each and every play...and as if the music wasn't enough, what a striking and beautiful CD jacket. I come from a time when cover art was an important part of the whole "album" experience. Your artwork for "Late Night Guitar" is most impressive...Thanks for enabling us here in the beautiful Hudson Valley of New York share your vision..." Ken Harris, WVKR, Walden NY on the song 'Tucker's Lullaby' - "Absolutely beautiful. This piece is chock full of emotion with a soaring melody, mesmerizing theme, and a chord progression that speaks worlds of truth. With just a classical nylon string guitar and a small string and wind section, you've managed to assemble quite a moving work here. Some things are best said simply and quietly. Nice...tasteful...warm... rich, and robust sounding. Exquisite. Top performances lead way with perfectly executed passages, perfect intonation, and an exceptional overall feel and mood. Certainly, there are recognizable influences, yet this work emotes an original feel and mood unequaled by the masses. Thus, you have developed your own sound far beyond the reaches of the normal bland, stuffy, classical composers/artists. Bravo. A Perfect "10" -


LATE NIGHT GUITAR, WINNER OF 2002 CHILDRENS MUSIC WEB AWARD Classic Recording for Children Category! (

LATE NIGHT GUITAR debuts at #2 on the New Age Voice Top 100 Radio Play list and holds its strong position in the coveted "Top 5" through the entire 4th quarter, 2002!


Two and a half years in the making and finally a release! This CD is extra special because it was inspired as a dedication to the years of sitting on the edge of the bed and playing my little ones to sleep. It is also special because it was touched by the hearts of several arrangers from all walks of musical life...from a local piano teacher/choir alto (Laura Saunders) a prominent Cellist in Nashville (John Catchings) a touring keyboard player in the renowned Midwest band "New Odyssey," (Gary Polkow) prominent artist and game music wizard (David Allen Young) a player/arranger of music at a local church (Don Baddorf) my brother, arranger/audio director/producer/commercial and computer game music composer (Michael Salvatori)...each of whom were called on to prepare beautiful and timeless arrangements to accompany my guitar solos.

And, beautiful and timeless they've become!! Each arrangement came back as a special gift, reflecting the warmth, expressiveness and style of each of the arrangers who contributed their efforts. I'm hopeful you'll enjoy the very special contributions by these artists as you enjoy the CD for years to come.

Thank you for your interest in my (our) music! We look forward to sharing this beautiful CD with you and your family....generation after generation.

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