Whispering for Your Attention 1998 (c) Salvatori Productions, Inc.

Tom Salvatori


CD Sold Out, Album Downloads Available.

Personal, quiet and melodic fingerstyle solo nylon string guitar CD that stands ready to become a trusted companion next time you embark on a rainy day mood swing.

Track Listing:

Another Lullaby (Solo Guitar) 3:01

Sunday Drive 2:19

Spinnin' the Plates 2:00

Running in Place 1:55

Bells Prelude 2:25

Dyslexia 3:17

The Mirrored Ball 2:47

Downhill Again 1:47

Further Downhill (Solo Guitar) 3:15

Taking the Train 3:43

The Sadness in a Goodbye 4:54

Out of the Gate 3:08

Stuttering 3:01

For a Special Friend 2:19

Tiptoeing in the Dark 2:08

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