Under Cover of Darkness 1995 (c) Salvatori Productions, Inc.

Tom Salvatori

Quiet, brooding solo nylon string guitar recorded during a thunderstorm.

Track Listing:

Overture 0:56

Rain Song 1:40

Mirrors (Michael Salvatori) 4:25

Channels to the Sea 3:07

Echoes Response 4:50

Tell Me a Story 3:14

I Can't Stop Thinking About You 3:40

Hide Away Folk Family (Linnell/Flansburgh) 3:59

Music for Nono (Rota) 4:35 - Medley of Music from "The Godfather'


"Purpose. Direction. Intent. Tom Salvatori's talent is interpreting our life and times with acoustically presented awareness. A minimalist in that Tom isn't flailing away in wonder of his own identity; not because he lacks for talent, depth, or degree of difficulty. On the contrary, he exhibits strength in restraint, and intensity through the vivid power of mindfulness he presents in his compositions. Salvatori layers his instrumentals with a beautiful variety of fingerstyle techniques, orchestrated to define each work as needed." - Artguitect Radio, June, 2000

'Under Cover of Darkness' - 30 minutes in length. ADD. Released summer, 1995. This CD represents the long-awaited 1st release recorded in the very living room of Tom's own home. Legend has it that, with all else planned (furniture moved out, wife and kids gone for the weekend, snifter of Amaretto Di Saronno at hand, microphones in place, guitar tuned...) the last remaining issue to be dealt with was ultimately the most obvious....the weather.

A storm front moved in...and thunder and lightning chose to ruin several of early takes.

That is, until Tom made one of those split second decisions that results in a long standing impact on his inaugural release.

He decided to embrace the enemy. He decided to weave the thunderstorm into his guitar work that night. He hung a couple microphones outside the bay windows and proceeded to communicate with the forces of nature.

The rest, as legend has it, is history. Seminal releases will never be the same!

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